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Create a basic account by entering your chosen email address and creating your password.

You will be able to start a game by clicking 'New Game' you will then see a new pop up window containing some simple text and a link which you can copy and send to other players

In order to create this instructional video, you will need to create two different accounts and will need 2 devices or screens with separate google accounts so a few turns of the game can be played and captured.

Note: this will require 2 email addresses.

Script 1

[Please ensure that the capture begins with the homepage of the website]

[The capture should be taken with the screen in fullscreen mode with no bookmarks bar visible and just the url of the website visible]

Hello and thank you for visiting our site - mexicantrain dot online

Today I am going to show you how to set up and play our free to play, online, and real-time version of the domino classic Mexican Train.

[Zoom in to show the start playing button and click on to it so the register screen appears. The player must click this then enter their email address and create a password]

To being, click the 'start playing' button and register by entering your email address and creating a password.

[Type in a generic email address ' and type out a 12 digit password and then fade to the next screen]

Now that you are registered and ready to play click the New Game button to begin[Zoom in on the green button on the top right of the screen

[Click on the new game button and load the next screen]

The great thing about Mexican Train Online is that you can play with up to 3 other friends. Highlight and copy the link in the box

[proceed to highlight the link] highlight and copy the link to send an invite, or send invites directly with our handy Facebook messenger and email shortcut boxes! [Hover over the boxes]

Once your friends have received their link and are ready to play hit the 'start button'

Don't start the game until everyone has joined! The number of tiles each person gets depends on the number of players.

[Invite your second account to a game and capture your second player's name appearing on the main screen window as seen in the image below and hit start game once your other account is ready]


Now we get to the fun part! Just how do you play Mexican Train Dominoes?

[Hit start game and show the next screen]

You will now see the game board appear on your computer, mobile or tablet screen

Your tiles are lined up across the bottom of the screen – feel free to arrange them in any order you see fit, do this by clicking and dragging them

[Proceed to click and drag the tiles into a new order]

Your side of the board is on the left with your opponents found in the middle and on the far right-hand side is the Mexican train, but we will get to that shortly.

[point this out with a curser and scroll across to show the width of the full board]

In total there are 12 rounds to be played. Each round begins with a numbered domino starting with 12 followed by 11, 10, 9, and so on. [zoom in on the top tile showing the number 12]

The aim of each round is to be rid of all your tiles by matching them to the dominoes on the board. This is achieved by creating a Mexican train.

In total there are 2 Mexican trains available to you to add your tiles at all times. Your own train and the Mexican train on the far side of the board.

When a player is unable to add a tile to their own train this then also becomes 'open' or available to all players to add their tiles too.

Once a player has used all their tiles the remaining players score points based on the numerical value of the dominoes they have left in their hand.

The idea is to have as few points as possible come the end of the game!

[Include heading text 'first-round']

To begin the player who starts must try to match one of the tiles in their hand to either their own train or the Mexican train. In the case of the first round, this tile must contain a 12.

[click on a tile containing a 12 and then on the blank space underneath a 12 on player 1's train and hit play]

Don't worry about flipping your tiles, the game will do this for you!
The following player must now try and do the same

[again repeat instruction from above]

The next step is to try and match your next tile to the number face towards your hand.

Remember this can placed on your own train or if you have another 12 tile you can place it underneath the tile on the Mexican train

[Include heading text 'proceeding rounds']

The process for the proceeding rounds is to continue to add tiles to the bottom of your train or add to the Mexican train.

If you don't have the tiles to play, click the black tile on the right to draw one from the pot

[Proceed to click this black tile which will bring up a new tile and zoom in on this action]

If you still can't play the new tile from the pot, click the train button to put your train up and end your turn.

[dont add any new tiles and click on the train button that pop-ups which will proceed to end your turn]

This does however mean your train is now open and until you are able to close your train other players can add their tiles to your open train.

In summary, you can play on any train when the train is up. You can always play on the Mexican Train located on the far right of the board.

[Include heading text 'doubles']

[Show an example of where a player puts down a double]
[follow this by satisfying the double by connecting a matching domino]

When someone plays a double it must be immediately 'satisfied'. This means before any player can lay down their next tile they must play a tile containing the doubles numerical value. If this cannot be satisfied players will draw for new tiles until able to do so.

You win the round and finish with zero points when you have no remaining tiles in your hand!

[Fade to the game logo and text]

We hope you enjoy our game and stay connected with friends and loved ones by playing Mexican Train Online today!